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Some customer feedback and testimonials regarding the products and service at Mighty Fine Art.


Any feedback is always greatly appreciated and a short review can be left by using the link to the left which will take you to the FreeIndex web site where my business is listed.

"Hi Peter. I just bought a couple more pieces of artwork from your web site. These are for my own collection. This includes originals by Michael Godard and the fantasy artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. I rate your stuff as some of the best in my collection..." Mark, Worcestershire 09/12/10


"Hi Peter. It arrived this morning and is absolutely stunning.....I love it. Going to take it to the framer tomorrow.....thank you so much....you must have limitless patience for such fine work  :-D

Thanks again" Ros, Scotland, 14/09/10


"Dear Peter. The painting (Ancient Things) arrived yesterday safe and secure. Thank you very much for sending it so promptly. The painting is stunning and I love it."

Regards Navdeep 24/08/2010


"Hi Peter, Your (or rather mine now I guess) artwork arrived just a few moments ago safe and sound, no scratches and fully intact, and only two days underway, which is rather quick I think. WOW…….. I am really impressed and more than pleased with it and am so happy I got that one. ('All Of My Life') I had not told my wife about it but she is also very impressed and more than pleased with it as well. The framing is also just super.

I still get these “thoughts” just by looking at him, that in some way I can put myself inside his mind and then let the thoughts go back in time, to the time when he was still there. In these “high tech” times we are living in we still have so much to learn from the primitive people like the Aboriginals, Inuit’s, Native Americans just to mention a few. Thanks again and hope the weather will ease off. Best wishes,"

Torben, Denmark 14/01/10


"Hi Peter. The book is truly wonderful!  Thank you so much!  It is just so lovely, full of lovely words too, but great to have so many beautiful examples of your work to hand now. Fantastic that you have shown some close up shots and the stages of the painting also, makes it even more fascinating to look through.  Well done Peter for this book and I hope you sell loads of them, am certainly very proud to own one, keep up the good work." Tina, Beds 18/08/2009


Hi Peter.  Many thanks for sending the print so quickly. ('The Girl Who Captured Tinkerbell') It is such a lovely picture. I wish i could keep it for myself but it's going to be a gift for someone special, i'm sure they will be delighted with it. Thanks again. Katy 06/07/2009


"Hi Peter, Out today but returned home to find your painting in the porch, ripped off the tape, got it out of the box, bubble wrap removed in double quick time, have it on the wall already and it looks fantastic, l am very pleased with "Unleashed"

Thank you very much for sending it so quickly and top marks to the Post Office"  Sallie, Northern Ireland  09/05/2009


"Hi Peter, the paintings ('Into the Promised Land', 'Solitude and Sweetwater') have arrived thank you . They are more stunning than I thought they would be and will greatly enhance my collection of Native American Art, I am so glad I have found an artist nearer to home who can capture the spirit of the Native American as in the past I have had to purchase work from the USA which, what with shipping and duty adds an awful lot to the usual purchase price one has to pay for this kind of work. I cannot wait to see any new work you do so please keep me informed. All the best. Michael"  05/03/2009


"The print ('Don't Look Back') arrived safely today and wow it is even better than I imagined! Really pleased to finally be an owner of a Peter Williams and will treasure it original or not! I love the vibrant use of colours always evident in your work and there is no doubt you are a very highly skilled artist. You deserve much success."

Tina, Wales 12/11/2008


 "The paintings ('Pride' and 'Natures Child') are beautiful and I couldn't be more pleased . I think what draws me to your work is that your native Americans are not the stereotypical poses so often portrayed."  Paula, Alabama14/05/2008


"I received all the prints successfully at the end of last week, they're all fantastic! I’ll let you know what the response is to 'Free Spirit' when I give her the print (and 'Cheyenne Autumn') in December. Many thanks again."

Ian 03/11/2008  'Angel', 'Cheyenne Autumn' and 'Free Spirit'


"Thank you for the painting ['Beach Fishing' ] it's lovely, it arrived Saturday, I love it, thank you."

Pippa 13/10/2008


"Thank you so much for your quick response. Your print (Enter The Dragonfly) is a surprise present for my mum who is a huge fan of your artwork. She just loves this print and the way the cat's eye is so real. She will be absolutely over the moon with it. Thanks again."

Ursula 04/07/2008 ['Enter the Dragonfly' by Peter Williams]


"I received the art work today ('Loneliest Place on Earth' ) and it's exquisite! Thank you so much and no doubt I will be back for more in the future."

Elaine, London 16/06/2008


"Painting ('Misbehaving' ) arrived safely - what can I say - it's breathtaking. Propped up on my kitchen hob at the moment - so I can see it every time I pass. Bought for my bedroom - but is too engaging to hide away. Thank you for your inspiration and talent."

Barbara 29/12/2007


"Peter Williams' work is fantastic and I am an avid collector (mainly cats). Today I received 'Night Vision' which is probably, now, the best piece of his work I have. It far surpasses the computer image and is absolutely amazingly beautiful. Thank you so much Peter for making me very happy. Superfast delivery and excellent packaging too!"

Penny, Richmond, Surrey 08/07/2007